About Us

Established in 2010 by current owners Ryan Heaton and Greg Myles, RGBaits initially started out as more of a hobby than a business, with plans to roll bait for a small group of angling friends only, a single machine set up in a parents garage is where it all started.

With both partners in full time employment away from the angling industry back then, occasional evenings and weekends were spent stood behind the machine rolling the odd kilo here and there, a somewhat far cry from a major scale boilie outfit. With time, word spread about the services RG had to offer and after receiving numerous enquiries over the possible supply of bait, it was decided the sale of bait was to be made public.

Profits gained from sales were ploughed back into the company on a yearly basis with machinery at the focus of investment and after just two years of trading, RGBaits purchased a third machine. Three machines meant customers had the choice of three different sized baits, making the services on offer from RG appeal to a much wider audience. Some six months from obtaining the third machine, demand reached such a point the parents garage was simply outgrown, it was at this stage when the day jobs were quit, business premises were acquired and the owners took the plunge into full time bait making.

From moving things full time, RGBaits as a business has progressed at an impressive rate, the products on offer from RG without doubt tick every box where quality and consistency is concerned and it is safe to say they have certainly contributed to the captures of some rather impressive fish.  RGBaits’ PDN seal of approval is what the company is modelled on and it is arguable that the success of the company is partly due to this three word mantra- Palatable, Digestible and Nutritional, three key ingredients of any successful carp bait, welcome to RGBaits…..