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Winter Tips by the Carltons


During the colder months both myself and Wendy like to maximise the attraction by using a host of liquids that are in the RG range. First we boost our hook bait. All our pots of wafters and pop ups are liberally sprayed with the corresponding bait spray, this impregnates the hook bait and releases attraction over a prolonged period when in the water. In addition to this we also like to attach a small P.V.A. stick to the rig before casting out. We make our stickmix up by adding the Vita-lac liquid food to our chosen mixture. We then do something slightly different, by adding a couple of ground up pop ups to the stick mix before dunking it in the P.V.A. friendly Vita-lac liquid food. By using the bait spray and liquid food we are achieving maximum appeal when the bag melts, and by adding the ground pop ups, it creates an explosion of attraction around each hook baits.