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Winter tips by Robert Hinkins


Here’s my tip for this time of the year. If like me you are still using boilies as your main feed source throughout the winter, whether choosing to fish a runs water or continue on your campaign, I like to give my feed bait that little extra attention and add to there attractiveness.

Firstly I start by taking a few kilos of my chosen bait out the freezer forty eight hours prior to my session, that way i can start preparing them early. Firstly I defrost the baits in a bag, making sure they soak up all the liquid that they leave behind. I do this is before i start the second stage. I then place the full defrosted baits into a bucket and give them a good glugging in the dedicated liquid food, letting as much as possible of the liquid food soak into them over night. The next day I glaze the baits a little more with the liquid food and then follow this by adding a good handful of the dedicated stick mix (Soon to be released). By giving the baits a good shake around, you should end up with an equal amount of the powdered stick mix stuck to each boilie. I then like to leave these baits in the bucket for around thirty minutes before repeating the same process of adding the stick mix and shaking well. By doing this you build up a good layer of coated attraction around each bait, and in turn adding to there attraction. Im sure by preparing your baits in this way, it should give you an advantage over a standard bait straight out of the bag. This is the method I use myself at this time of the year and has served me very well in the past, happy hunting guys and girls. Rob