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*** Smoke & Syrup Concept ***


The Smoke and syrup concept was created and put through its paces by our very own Mark ‘Chuck’ Backhouse. With Mark’s 14 years experience with in fishing bait industry, its fair to say he has a few ideas, tricks and potions up his sleeve. The Smoke and Syrup liquid is a complex blend of flavours and essential oils, that makes this fluorescent orange pop-up totally individual. Having worked closely with a market leading flavorist, Mark has put together what can only be described as an industry first flavour, and one that we would very much like to hold back on exactly what it is. The liquids are then finished off with the correct amount of liquid sucrase to give that sweet taste and aroma. We then mix all this with fresh eggs and add all this to our milk protein pop-up mix. Colouring has a major part to play in the attractiveness of these hook baits, and with all the Primary range they should not loose there fluorescent colour when submerged for long periods of time.

If you wish to further boost your Smoke & Syrup pop-ups, why not give them a spray of designated Smoke & Syrup bait spray. The sprays are packed with extras such as dissolved betaine, minamino and natural emulsifiers to aid further pulling power to these already awesome hook baits. #Smoke&Syrup #RGBaits