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*** Ripple Concept ***


Don’t mistake the name Ripple for the old school raspberry ripple, these bright pink pop-ups couldn’t be further away from them. The flavour package in the Ripple are a selection of Red berry esters blended together with a sweet milk palatinate, it doesn’t stop there, to further attraction we then coupled this up with a ethyl alcohol liquid flavour in the form of a sweet cream. The liquids are then finished off with the correct amount of liquid sucrase to give that sweet taste and aroma. We then mix all this with fresh eggs. Then add all this to our milk protein pop-up mix. Colouring has a major part to play in the attractiveness of these hook baits, and with all the Primary range they should not loose there fluorescent colour when submerged for long periods of time. So there we have the Ripple, a new twist on the old school classic.

If you wish to further boost your Ripple pop-ups, why not give them a spray of designated Ripple bait spray. The sprays are packed with extras such as dissolved betaine, minamino and natural emulsifiers to aid further pulling power to these already awesome hook baits.