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Mark Baxter’s – Top tip for winter


Mark ‘the hobbit Baxter’s – Top tip for winter

It really is venue or stock dependent this one with regards to bait, but for me, it’s bright boosted singles for most of my winter fishing for many situations. Within the colder months, you really want to be fishing for one bite at a time. The carps metabolism slows right down, and senses like sight and smell deteriorate. This is when the idea of using brightly coloured and over flavoured hookbaits comes into its own. On the more difficult pits the windows of opportunity will be small and the fish a lot less active, so in my opinion a single hook bait in the right place, is my go too approach. On the flip side with the more prolific higher stocked waters, by staying mobile you can use this method to search out area’s for the concentration of fish, before committing any bait to an area if you feel you need to.
Boosting or enhancing your hook baits couldn’t be easier either with the products RG have to offer. This can be an advantage especially in the winter. simples add a few squirts of the dedicated bait spray straight into your pop up tub and let them completely dry out, repeating this process every few days, until the pop-ups cannot take anymore liquid on. Do this prior to your winter campaign, and in turn this should give you the perfect hook bait for your winter campaign. Be Lucky, Mark.