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***Here to help***


Here at RGBaits we take huge pride in what we do and how we go about doing it, there is no hiding the fact we sell a quality product and have the results to prove it, you only have to scroll down our timeline to see this firsthand. Everything is manufactured in house under the guarantee if it doesn’t meet the standard it doesn’t leave the door, it’s as simple as that. Complimentary to a quality product we also offer great customer service, with three experienced, straight talking staff on hand all day everyday here to help with all things bait. With RG you’ll always be talking to a carp angler about carp bait rather than some scantily clad secretary more interested in her nails, we feel it puts a bit of a personal touch on things and ensures you will always get the most from your product and we’re certain anyone who knows us will only agree, so any questions just give us a call, that’s what we’re here for, if you’re out this weekend be lucky Ryan, Greg & Chuck.
Just another reason to keep it RG!! #RGBaits