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The chase comes to an end!!

IMG_1700.JPG Casper 34.8lbs

RG’s Greg Myles recently completed the final chapter on his South Yorkshire syndicate, when he slipped the net under his only remaining target, the lakes big ghostie, otherwise known as Casper. Having managed all other target fish in relatively quick succession it was simply a case of chasing the one fish to allow a line to be drawn under what he’d initially set out to do.
Greg tells us after watching the fish patrol the same route for several hours one afternoon, three rods were positioned on likely spots along the route, Formula/white 365 snowmen presentations over beds of 15mm Formula on all three and the rest was a waiting game.
Fifteen or so hours later and the middle rod let out a series of beeps, after a short battle, a big orange mirror which could only be one fish was coaxed over the net cord and it was mission accomplished. Settling the scales at 34.9, the ghostie meant Greg had netted himself another South Yorkshire 30 in addition to landing his target, top angling and nice end to what’s been an enjoyable journey, now for pastures new, well in that man!