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Overnight success on borrowed bait!


To say it’s been a tad busy of late at the RG headquarters would be somewhat of an understatement, four consecutive weeks of work without a day off gives some idea of how manic things have been, hence the lads being neglected of any fishing time. After agreeing to drop some bait off for a customer at his syndicate, an opportunity arose for Greg to slot in a quick overnighter, however being so busy meant there was no bait in the freezer for personal angling. Now I’m guessing you’re thinking, a lad who owns a bait firm having no bait? Surely that can’t happen? but take our word for it, it does! Anyhow, after a quick rummage round, a bag of mixed size Formula was scraped together, chucked in the back of the motor and Greg was syndicate bound. Four bites through the night resulted in three fish, one of which just so happening to be one of the lads targets, a cracking, old scaly mid twenty mirror otherwise known as Awol, result!! It just goes to show a quick night can sometimes be all it takes, although the action through the night did lead to a rather lethargic day at work, top angling as per and a big well in that man!!