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Job done!


A quick overnighter this weekend proved enough for Martin Preddy to close the final chapter on his North Lincs syndicate. Having just one night free, it was a matter of racing to the lake from work in a bid to get the rods out as quick as practically possible. With three rigs right on the money the rest was a waiting game, however the wait didn’t last all that long, as within half an hour of the third rig hitting the water the alarm sounded and it was game on. Just minutes later, sulking in the bottom of Marts net was his only remaining target, an old chestnut mirror otherwise known as “one pec”, job done. The mirror of 31 on the button was backed up with another four fish through the night, all of which falling to Formula/white 365 snowmen presentations fished over heavily baited areas of Formula boilie. Top angling and a massive well done on completing the final chapter!