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Canal king!


After spotting a group of fish milling around a particular area down his local canal, RG user Josh Halford opted to try his luck at a South Yorkshire canal carp. Not wanting to rock up and fish it blind so to speak, regular prebaiting visits were made over a three week period in a bid to keep the fish visiting the spots and gain feeding confidence. A free night last weekend gave the perfect opportunity to get a couple of rigs in the water and find out first hand if his efforts had been worthwhile. Two Formula/pink 365 snowmen presentations on simple blow back rigs were cast over a scattering of Formula boilie and the rest was a waiting game, two takes through the hours of darkness resulted in a small chub and this cracking common of 22.7. Evidently the extra leg work was well and truly worth it, made even better by the fact he’d managed a twenty from a South Yorkshire canal, top angling and a big well in that man!