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Hauling at Greenacres!

RG user Jaimes Horn headed to the popular day ticket water Greenacres a few weeks back, for a 48 hour session in search of a scaly or two. Passing junction 36, given he was travelling from Leeds, coupled with the fact it was his first time using RG products, gave the perfect excuse to call in at the RG headquarters en-route and put faces to names whilst collecting his bait. 48 hours later and things had gone as planned, with a total of four fish gracing the lads net over the session ,the biggest of the bunch coming in way of a 28 plus mirror with three other twenties acting as a backup, our favourite of which we thought you’d all like a look at was this absolute corker, just a couple ounces over the 26 spot. A combination of Formula bottom baits and pop-ups fished over beds of Formula boilie bringing the bites on this occasion, we’re pretty sure this is just the start of things to come, top angling and well in that man!!