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When it all comes together!!

rob drip
 If you happen to keep in touch with the RG Facebook page then this chap will be no stranger to your newsfeed, to say he’s had some incredible results over the past twelve months or so would be somewhat of an understatement!
The places he chooses to fish are all a little different to your average run of the mill waters, far from the easiest of venues and waters that require that bit of extra effort in order to reap the rewards. The fact that the previous year saw Rob spend in excess of 100 days on the bank for only one fish gives you some idea on the waters he chooses to angle. Sticking at it though is what he seems to be good at and there is no doubt that his continued efforts have eventually been rewarded this year.
Being our first ever customer some six years ago when we were working from a parents garage, Rob has stuck with us ever since and his loyalty certainly hasn’t gone un-noticed. His syndicate ticket came to a close a couple of weeks back and closing day saw him take yet another result on his faithful Formula approach, an extremely colourful mirror of 28.8 that in our eyes is more than deserved. Here’s a bit of a personal thankyou from here at RGBaits and a massive congratulations on the year as a whole, remember when the going gets tough stick with it, it will all come good in the end, well in that man!!