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We often get asked the question “What’s the best ever boilie ingredient?”

egg ed
Well no matter how long this is discussed for between how many heads, we can honestly conclude that there will never be an answer to this question, a boilie should, or more so needs to contain a number of ingredients, each one bringing something different to the table and having its own purpose in a recipe. All ingredients have their time and place when said and done, how they are incorporated into a bait being the much more important concern.
Now if you were to re-phrase the question to “what’s your favourite boile ingredient?” There would undoubtedly be an input from everybody with half an idea about bait, the most likely outcome being, a list as long as your arm with a huge variation in answers.
Considering we were asked this particular question, our honest answer would have to be “the egg” so simple yet such a practical inclusion to any basemix from our point of view. Without getting too technical and baffling you all with science, the egg possesses excellent binding qualities, aids with boiling to firm up a bait and coming from natures larder, it’s full of natural minerals, fats and proteins. We rate the egg right up there with the best of them, so much so that we have anything up to 6,000 of the little fellas delivered fresh to our unit twice a week to keep up with bait production. Every boilie that leaves the door here at RGBaits is rolled using fresh eggs, ensuring you get the best from your bait, just another reason to keep it RG!