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Waterfront wacker!

andy gw
RG team member Andy Gwynette has been back down his low stocked 40 acre syndicate only to go and manage another, this time in the way of a stunning 28.12 mirror. The fish follows a good run of success Andy has recently had from the venue and puts a cross in the only remaining box on his tick list. Large beds of our 18mm Formula boilie were Andy’s approach to the water, with a combination of 18mm Formula/12mm pink 365 snowmen and straight 18mm bottom baits attached to the business end. Tallying up a number of carp in such a short period of time on this particular venue is some going, however, this is definitely a case of effort equalling reward considering all the hours he’s put in on the place, we’re guessing a new venture is now in order. Well in that man!!!