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The RGBaits PDN seal of approval….

The RGBaits PDN seal of approval…. Does your bait come with it?
Palatable, Digestible and Nutritional, three key ingredients to what we believe make a successful carp bait! In simple terms, give them something that tastes nice, something they can digest and something that’s good for them and they will always want more!
Here at RGBaits we are firm believers in this, so much so we are proud to say the baits supplied under our own banner are and always will be exactly that…. Palatable, Digestible and Nutritional. For this reason, we have decided it is only a good idea to brand our products with the RGBaits “PDN seal of approval” meaning any products supplied by ourselves that possess such qualities will now harness our unique PDN logo. Through doing so we aim to give an added assurance that the product behind the packaging is not only of the highest possible quality but also one that will undoubtedly produce results time after time.
So remember, the next time you’re on the subject of carp bait, ask yourself… Is it PDN? Just another reason to keep it RG, be lucky!!