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The Formula producing the goods on its first outing!

Cambridgeshire based Stuart Cobb was bankside over the weekend on one of his local syndicates, a recent change in bait companies meant it was his first time out using our gear, having a few results on his previous bait it really did mean the pressure was on. After watching fish patrol in and out of a shallow bay for some time Stuart decided it was time to set the traps so in went a scattering of Formula freebies and a few spomb fulls of hemp along the top of a gravel bar. At 4am the following morning the rod sprung into action and it was fish on, a brief boat battle later and she was in the net, an absolute stunner of a common settling the needle at 35lb dead on! If only there were a few more of this stamp about, hopefully the first of many Mr Cobb, well in that man!!!