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Target down for Baxter!

formula 39+

RG’s Mark Baxter certainly can catch carp that is for sure and the streak he’s on of late is rather impressive to say the least. We’ve reached a point where our inbox is opened in anticipation on a Monday morning, expecting an email off the fella harnessing a few snaps of his weekend whereabouts. Last week was no different, greeted by another mail off the lad as we turned the office computer on, only this time the attachment left us looking at the screen in nothing short of amazement! Taken from his Cambs. syndicate water on a Formula snowman presentation, off a spot baited heavily with 18mm Formula boilie, the absolute peach of a common settled the scales at 39.14 and stamped a big fat tick on Marks target list. He tells us he’s elated with the result and rightly so, although we do feel confident in saying another result off the lad won’t be too far round the corner so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for things to come, what an impressive creature and a massive congratulations on the result!! Well in that man!!!