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Consistency is key!

Picture this…You’re having a degree of success on a certain bait, your confidence in the gear is sky high and it’s a bait you’d be more than happy to sit behind on any water, your next order goes in and the bait that turns up varies from the last batch you had, totally changing your mindset…. far from ideal.
Here at RGBaits everything is kept under one roof, from the basemix to the bagging, we’re in charge of it all, meaning the above will never be the case with any of the products supplied under our own banner. The continued supply of ingredients from unchanged sources coupled with the fact we always work to in house recipes means the baits we supply will remain the same year on year, fact!
If our word for it isn’t a good enough guarantee then come and see firsthand, our open door policy remains in place for anyone that fancies nipping down, seeing how we operate and that we have nothing to hide, just another reason to keep it RG!