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Cleggy’s Christchurch result!


RG’s Nathan Clegg has been off the radar a touch lately, with his syndicate water currently on shut down, the lads fishing has been somewhat limited, day ticket venues and the odd bit of guesting accounting for what little time has been spent on the bank. However a recent trip down on Linch Hills Christchurch lake threw up a little result for the lad in the shape of this stunning 27lb mirror. A 15mm pink 365 pop-up fished on a chod presentation over two kilos of Formula boilie proving too much for the fish to resist. Nath tells us the trip could’ve gone a little better, evident from the lack of interest in feeding and the fact that fish were grouping up in the margins, they seemed to be approaching spawning mode so it was decided the session to be cut short, always best to leave them to it though and return to settle the scores another day, top angling, well in that man!!