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Buttery banks 30’s brace and new pb to boot!


It’s safe to say RG user Ben Buttery returned home with somewhat of a smile on his face after a recent session down his South Lincs syndicate. It all went off with a bit of a bang to say the least, 48 hours of fishing saw Ben land a total of six fish, two doubles, two twenties and a thirties brace. Mirrors of exactly 31 and 34 made up what is the lads first ever brace of UK 30 plus fish with the larger of the two respectively setting him a new pb. Pink 365 pop up presentations fished over heavily baited areas of 18mm Formula proved just too much for the fish to resist, a combination that Ben has used to great effect over recent months and one that has seen him take results from the place on a regular basis. We feel him edging ever closer to that sought after big girl and if he continues to tick them off at his current rate then it certainly shouldn’t be too long before she graces the net, a massive congratulations on the pb and a big well in that man!!